How to Drive in Windy Conditions | Harlingen, TX

Windy Driving Tips | Harlingen, TX

Safety on the road should be your top priority behind the wheel. Stay safe when driving in windy conditions in Harlingen, Texas, by following these tips:

  • Take it slow. Reduce your speed to help make you less vulnerable to high winds, especially on highways cutting across big open fields.
  • Avoid high-risk vehicles. In general, increase your distance from other vehicles in case you lose control of your vehicle momentarily. Specifically, stay far away from vulnerable vehicles, including semi-trucks, trucks or SUVs with a trailer in tow, and vans.
  • Stay home. If you don’t absolutely need to be somewhere (like a trip to the hospital or picking up a child from daycare or school), we recommend staying home until the weather has neutralized.
  • Turn on your headlights. If the wind is kicking up dust, dirt, sand, or snow, increase visibility — and make it easier for drivers to see you — by turning on your headlights.

COVID-19 and your safety

Winds aren’t the only danger we must contend with. Stay safe during COVID-19 by doing your car shopping online using our Express Checkout service. Handle all vehicle maintenance with our service department totally contact-free. If you must visit the dealership, wear your mask and know that we are constantly sanitizing all high-traffic areas.

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